23, Regent House, Bisazza Street, Sliema SLM1640, MALTA


Amarillo Investment Solutions has extended its internal expertise in Investment Management services to various clients.  We offer the following functions to third parties.


Amarillo is licensed to operate as a De-Minimis Alternative Investment Fund Manager under the Malta Investment Services Act.  We have been managing our in-house collective investment  schemes since 1999.  


Apart from managing our own products we offer our investment management to third party professional investor funds that may require a Maltese investment fund manager.


Amarillo has a history of providing back-office services to collective investment schemes. Amarillo’s team may be engaged to shadow the services of fund administrators in order to provide regular independent assurance with regard to the quality of service of the administrator’s work.


Such services include the maintenance of a backup accounting system that mirrors the administrator’s books of account enabling the client to verify the net-asset value of collective investment schemes in line with the "four-eye" principle.