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Sustainable Investment

Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited acknowledges that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors can have an important impact on people, organisations, and communities. The Company is committed to contribute to sustainable investment through its presence in the investment services sector as an alternative investment fund manager.

Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited incorporates sustainability risk into its investment decisions. Different types of investment decision making can lead to sustainability risk. Failure to manage this risk can have adverse consequences on the quality of its investment management. The Company’s sustainability risk management is aligned with its risk appetite and helps it provide sustainable solutions to its clients.

As an investment services provider Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited takes responsibility for its actions and as a member of society the Company understands that it has an impact on the planet and on people.  Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited recognises that it may also have an indirect impact through the activities of its clients.

Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited supports its clients’ goals to contribute positively to society through ethical financial planning by incorporating sustainability risk into the Company’s investment decisions.

The Company adopted a Sustainability Risk Policy which emphasis the integration of sustainability risks in investment decision making. Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited integrates sustainability risks in investment decision making and identifies sustainability risks emanating from ESG. Furthermore, the Company has policies in place to screen investments in sectors and industries which are involved in the production of controversial items.

Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited, as alternative investment fund manager takes into account the ESG information which investment products are required to disclose. This includes how investment products integrate ESG risks into investment decision making processes and the likely impacts on their respective returns. Furthermore, information provided by these investment products (environmental, social, human rights, anti-corruption matters, anti-bribery) are integrated in the investment management provided.

Amarillo Investment Solutions Limited’s Remuneration Policy is also consistent with its aim to integrate sustainability risks.